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 Gobne Chiken

 Banana Milk


 Miero Beauty (Remage de Genie) 

 LG Chocolate Phone


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 Versão de Natal: 


 Caribean (Cabi Song) 

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 Domino's Pizza
 Shinhan Bank


Lal Lal La

Vita 500

Visual Dreams

ATENÇÃO: Visual Dreams tem duas versões feitas pelo SNSD.

Visual Family:

Especial: 1st asia tour concert >>> Into The New World

CD 01

1. Nine Angels
2. Tell Me Your Wish (Rock Tronic Remix Version)
3. Show! Show! Show!
4. Girls’ Generation
5. Beginning
6. It’s Fantastic
7. Etude
8. Ooh La-La!
9. Kissing You
10. One Year Later (Jessica & Onew)
11. Introduce Me a Good Person (Yoona feat. Eunhyuk & Shindong) (Basis cover)
12. Sunny (Sunny) (Bobby Hebb cover)
13. Umbrella (Tiffany) (Rihanna cover)
14. Hush Hush; Hush Hush (Taeyeon) (Pussycat Dolls cover)
15. Chocolate Love
16. Honey
17. Dear Mom
18. Forever

CD 02

1. Day By Day
2. My Child
3. Barbie Girl (Jessica feat. Key) (Aqua cover)
4. Santa Baby (Sooyoung)
5. Maurice Ravel’ Miroirs 4th movement “Alborada del Gracioso” (Seohyun piano solo)
6. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Seohyun) (The Sound of Music cover)
7. Over The Rainbow
8. 1, 2 Step (Yuri feat. Amber) (Ciara cover)
9. Into The New World
10. Be Happy
11. Way To Go
12. Gee
13. Touch The Sky
14. NaengMyeon
15. HaHaHa
16. Complete
17. Baby Baby
18. Oh!

Faixas Bônus1. Beautiful Girls (Feat. Yoo Young-jin)
2. Singin’ in the Rain (Studio version)
Especial: 1st Japan Tour 


1.   1st single
2.   Because You Loved Me [Bunny/Apple] Collab Radio
3.   Because Of You [JoJo/Sayuri] Collab Radio
4.   Reflection [Maaya/Susy] Collab Radio
5.   Sk8ter Boy [Vic] Collab Radio
6.   All I Want For Christmas is you [Sara] Collab Radio
7.   Mabinogi Collab
8.   If Collab
9.   By myself  Collab
10.  TOP Special Stage
11.  Girls on top + My Name Special Stage
13.  StickWithU [Apple] Collab Radio
14.  Only One For Me [JoJo/Maaya] Collab Radio
15.  A Moment Like This [Sara/Bunny] Collab Radio
16.  Run To You [Susy] Collab Radio
17.  Like Yesterday [Sara/Vic]
18.  Don’t Say You Love Me [Sayuri] Collab Radio
19.  Only Love Collab
20.  Motion Collab
21.  You Bring Me Joy Collab
26.  In Summer Special Stage
27.  Haptic Motion (CF)
28.  I Can’t Bear Anymore Collab
29.  It’s Love (Sarang In Gulyo) Collab
31.  Hero (Fierce Battle (Cada uma faz a sua versão – 0:40 segundos) Collab Radio
32.  Sometimes [Sayuri/Maaya] Collab Radio
33.  Love Will Show You Everything [JoJo] Collab Radio
34.  I Want You And Resent [Susy/Apple] Collab Radio
35.  I Have A Lover [Bunny] Collab Radio
36.  Come On Over [Fierce] Collab Radio
37.  Gobne Chiken (CF)
38.  Banana Milk (CF)
39.  HaHaHa
40.  Can You Hear Me? Collab
41.  Kkok Collab
43.  Garden In The Air [Susy/Apple] Collab Radio
44.  Bledding Love [JoJo] Collab Radio
45.  Sexy Love [Sayuri/Bunny] Collab Radio
46.  Sk8ter Boy [Maaya] Collab Radio
47.  I Love Rock N Roll [Vic/Sara] Collab Radio
48.  1st digital single: Chocolate Love
49.  A Girl Meets Love Collab
50.  Finally Now Collab
52.  Dreams Come True Special Stage
53.  Oh My Love Special Stage
54.  There You’ll Be Special Stage
55.  Ramen Song (CF)
56.  2nd digital single: Cabi Song
57.  3nd digital single: Cooky
58.  Domino’s Pizza (CF)
59.  Sweet Delight Collab
61.  Radio Live: Cada  membro faz um cover de uma música em inglês **Cover de um artista de KPOP unicamente**
62.  4nd single digital: Lal Lal La
63.  It’s Okay Even if it hurts Collab
64.  Like A Star Collab
65.  Different Collab
66.  Banmal Song/YongSeo Collab
67.  Vita 500 (CF)
68.  5nd single digital: Visual Dreams
70.  Daum My People (CF)
71.  I Love You Collab
72.  1st Tour: Into The New World
78.  Unstoppable Tears Collab
79.  Banji/Haru Collab
80.  Don’t Say No Collab
81.  Egg Song Collab
83.  I Love You, I Love You Collab